Holiday Trunk Show

I’ve been busy preparing for a Holiday Trunk Show that I’m participating in on Saturday. A fellow AREtsian, NightSkyProducts, told the street team about the event and I jumped on board. I will be joining a few local artists/crafters for this show. There will be soap, paper goods, jewelry, scarves, massages, food and of course, […]

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Goodies Waiting for Me

You know, there really is not anything better than opening up a mailbox and finding a package. I had a couple of packages of goodies in my box yesterday (but I can’t reveal their contents just yet) and a package of goodies today. I have fallen in love with antiqued brass. It really couldn’t look […]

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Almost There

I’ve been telling everyone who cares that I don’t blog and visit other’s blogs because I’m addicted to the internet, but because it’s a good way to get the word out about your shop (and get some good reading in as well). Today proved that. My coworker/friend/fellow AREtsian , Beaded Bombshell, recently let me know […]

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It’s Not Fair

I recently stumbled upon these lovely and oh so simple earrings on Etsy. Both are by LisasLovelies and both I could not wear on a regular basis. True, I can’t wear most earrings on a regular basis due to a metal allergy I have (silver included) but these are so perfect to wear everyday when […]

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There Are Other Choices

The world does not revolve around silver earrings alone. My shop consists of many bracelets in both silver tones and coppers. However, due to lack of supplies in any other type of metal, my earrings, except one pair, have been all in silver tones. I first made some in copper a few weeks ago. I […]

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Lights… Camera…

One of my goals for Etsy and the new year was to streamline the photographs in my shop. Well, it’s not quite the new year, but I’m hoping I got an early start. I listed a couple of new items with a new photo style in my shop today. I think I like it better […]

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This evening I have allowed myself to take a break from the knitting and candy/cookie making marathon that today turned out to be. By marathon I mean that I spent all day doing those things and still didn’t finish. Aren’t marathons supposed to end with finished products? I know I’ll finish the brother and nephew […]

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Merry Christmas to me.

I’ve been a good girl this year. Most Everything I’ve bought or made since two days after Thanksgiving (the day after was a moment of weakness and I bought too much for myself) has been for Christmas gifts to give away. However, I received some wonderful goodies in the mail yesterday and sat down at […]

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And these go to…

These earrings, just made tonight, go to Dancing Mooney. I found the Pay if Forward idea on her blog and therefore she gets a handmade goody from Idyll Hands. I added the spiral on the end of the wire to these and I think I’ll do that one some other earrings. I like it. I […]

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