There Are Other Choices

The world does not revolve around silver earrings alone. My shop consists of many bracelets in both silver tones and coppers. However, due to lack of supplies in any other type of metal, my earrings, except one pair, have been all in silver tones. I first made some in copper a few weeks ago. I posted them in my shop as they had a matching bracelet that needed a companion in the shop. The views were good and someone even expressed interest in them, but they are still there. Seeing as how they didn’t fly off of the shelf, I wasn’t eager to make a bunch more in copper.

However, with the introduction of my new earring line last week, I thought some in copper might be in order. I went to work today on a few pair and I like the results. They are stunning and I have more options with them due to using wire instead of headpins for the body of the earring. I think I might try and find some good silver tone wire and try the same with that. I really like this style.

I will continue to post these in my Etsy shop, but all of these earrings have me looking forward to my next craft show. I have only had bracelets and scarves at the shows in the past. While those did well, I think if I had my earrings with me, I’d sell even more. People seem to be in the mood to buy earrings at those shows (as was evident at my first show this past September – my mom sold earring after earring after earring).

These three pairs are the only thing I crafted this weekend. It is a bit less than I had planned on doing, but better than nothing. My sweet will be off at a concert tomorrow night, so I’ll have some time to myself to get more earrings and a couple of bracelets finished. I just need one more day in the week!

5 thoughts on “There Are Other Choices

  1. Oh my gosh! I love that last pair, they are darling!! *sigh* if only I could wear copper… ♥Keep making them hun! Your designs are very unique…

  2. I’ve been making some pieces in copper but haven’t listed any. (Personally, I love the color of copper.) I’d be interested in hearing how your pieces are doing!

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