Making Sense Of It All

It is very easy to go on mini shopping sprees across the internet once you have built up a sizable amount in your PayPal account. Perhaps you have sold a few items in your online shop or you transferred money over from your bank account to make yourself feel better about the balance PayPal (I’m not one to judge), either way, you’ll soon be out to spend it on yourself.

I’ve found myself wanting to do this lately. I poke around on eBay every now and then, but most of my time is spent browsing on Etsy. I have quite an extensive list of favorite items and favorite shops and I find that quite a chunk of my free time on Friday or Saturday nights is spent looking for that one thing to buy, that one, perfect little thing. Needless to say, I’m left tired, confused, and without that perfect purchase.

Well no more. I’ve decided to focus my “reward” purchases (those spent when I’ve sold a few things, sell a few – buy one, it makes sense) on my penguin collection. I started my penguin collection a few years before it was super popular to have a penguin. I had purchased a small toy at Baby Gap that was a fleece penguin with a red and green hat on. When you squeezed it, it made some kind of quazi-penguin noise. It was cute, and so it began. I collected penguins.

The collection has grown since with small glass penguins, Christmas cards, and TONS of ornaments. This Christmas, I received a felted penguin from my sister for Christmas. It came from PensiveRabbit and was absolutely gorgeous (I don’t have a picture of it yet). It sits on my crafting desk and I absolutely love it. I want more handmade/painted penguins. The collection is going to take on new life and eventually take over a wall. I’ve started to pick out my favorite penguins on Etsy and I have showcased a few for your viewing pleasure.

Sure, I’ll still purchase the occasional pendant or earrings online, but I’m going to do my best to focus on penguins.

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “Making Sense Of It All

  1. Those little fleece penguins are adorable! Very cute. I know what you mean about spending. I’ve been doing a bit of that myself, shopping on Etsy.

  2. Yes, a penguin collector and an Eiffel tower collector. Now, if anyone out there can find me some kind of print or display piece that has both in it, you win a prize!Hmmm… and idea for a blog contest?Punkinhead – I made my first sale for a few weeks last weekend, and that was to a lady from my Leadership group. It has been DEAD this month.

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