Lights… Camera…

One of my goals for Etsy and the new year was to streamline the photographs in my shop. Well, it’s not quite the new year, but I’m hoping I got an early start. I listed a couple of new items with a new photo style in my shop today. I think I like it better that my previous attempts. I miss the look of the satin as a background, but perhaps I can figure out a way to incorporate that, but for now, I think I’ll stick to what worked out this afternoon.

These were taken in my window as it was a bit too chilly (and I was a bit too lazy) to go outside to take them. Thoughts? Suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Lights… Camera…

  1. Have fun taking new photos for your shop! I’ve been working on the same thing lately, and am already ready to consider something new… I think part of it, is that I just can’t wait for spring, and sun! Lol..;)Janell

  2. Beautiful, Erin. Very dramatic. I’m impressed that you get such clear close-up shots. I haven’t mastered that yet.

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