Merry Christmas to me.

I’ve been a good girl this year. Most Everything I’ve bought or made since two days after Thanksgiving (the day after was a moment of weakness and I bought too much for myself) has been for Christmas gifts to give away. However, I received some wonderful goodies in the mail yesterday and sat down at my workspace this evening and made these…
I bought some felted beads from Burtonwood Studios and some sterling wire and a very hand device to make earring hooks from Glitter Critter. I bought both with the intention to make earrings. After a quick trip to buy a few more sterling supplies at the local craft shop, I sat down to get to work. I have to say, I overestimated how easy it would be to make these. It’s not easy to thread soft metal through these felted beads but I do believe the end result was worth it. I can’t wait to wear these around. Too bad it looks like I’ll be stuck inside knitting and baking tomorrow due to the impending winter weather… WAIT, that’s not bad. Bring on the snow.

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