Goodies Waiting for Me

You know, there really is not anything better than opening up a mailbox and finding a package. I had a couple of packages of goodies in my box yesterday (but I can’t reveal their contents just yet) and a package of goodies today.

I have fallen in love with antiqued brass. It really couldn’t look bad on any skin tone. It’s not silver, it’s not copper, it’s not gold, but it’s a good mix of all three. The new infatuation has led to a few impulse buys. Antiqued brass opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities with my jewelry making. I can’t do bracelets from it, yet, as I cannot find spools of the wire. However, earrings are quite possible and what lovely earrings I have come up with. I don’t want to show them off until after the craft fair the first weekend of May, but they are lovely indeed.

The items pictured above were purchased from ProdigalProgeny on Etsy. I just ordered them the other day and here they are, in my hot little hand (literally). I can’t wait to make them into earrings, beautiful, dangly, attention grabbing earrings. If they don’t sell out at the craft show (which I really hope they do), I’ll have some to list in my Etsy shop starting May 4 along with my new necklaces.

All I have to say is that it is going to be really hard not to spend my “economic stimulus” of $600 on antiqued brass findings.

3 thoughts on “Goodies Waiting for Me

  1. I love it, too. And those pieces are delicious. I’ve also started loving random copper patina. It used to make me mad and I’d scrub it off. Now I groove on it.

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m so with you! I’m really loving antiqued brass, and I’m dabbling in a few things myself… supplies, more supplies… ahhhh!!!!;)P.S. Just wanted to invite everyone over to my blog, to enter the Give-away i’m having… Winner will be posted on Friday!*waves*

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