"Me" Time

I’ve spent a bit of “me” time for the past couple of nights and this is the product. I like it. It’s a first attempt at making designs on knit items with felt BUT I had fun and will be practicing. It’s only 7 months until The Clothes Line Fair – where these might make their debut (unless I get impatient and list them in Etsy when they look like I want them to).

If you can’t tell, that is a little red bird on that scarflette (it kind of looks like a fish).

6 thoughts on “"Me" Time

  1. That is a cute scarf! Thanks for the comments on my blog. As far as starting seeds goes…I didn’t do anything special. I started my tomatoes, a few peppers, and tomatillos, in early/middle of March. I didn’t have a great place so just did it in my room which is the brightest in the house. On warm days I moved them outside and brought them back at night. I started them in a seed starter soil mix. In the beginning of May I planted them outside, and they began producing in later July. This was my first time starting seeds so I wasn’t sure how many would sprout. Soo.. I planted 16 of each variety and they all came up!!Then I had to figure out where to plant them all 🙂

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