Not Sure I Can Top That

My gardening post with the lovely pics of my herbs from last summer got more comments than any post I’ve had so far. I’m not sure if I can top that. Perhaps an upcoming giveaway would bring them flocking again? Stay tuned for that.

I present to you a picture of my poor, neglected crafting table. With me on my death bed (or what I thought was my death bed) this week, I didn’t feel up to jewerly making. I did get a fair amount of knitting done and plan on heading over to work on the finishing touches to a neck warmer in a minute, but those earrings and bracelets just didn’t get the attention they have been getting. Scratch that, the poor bracelets have been ignored for a couple of weeks as the earrings have been hogging all of my attention. That will change, I have some bracelets I want to make… and some necklace ideas. Exciting things to come!

I spent most of this evening working on a wish list to give my sweet boy. I have my favorites on Etsy, my favorites on Amazon, and my favorites in my head. I suppose putting them on paper makes it easier but it also makes me become greedy and want EVERYTHING I see online. I tried to keep it to one, okay, two pages, but that was hard. *grins* I did tell him it could be spread out over a few years. It had CDs, DVDs, books, things for my kitchen, and the obligatory gift cards to a local yarn shop, Pay Pal (to feed the Etsy and Ebay addictions), some gardening gifties, and so on. I liked my list so much that I asked him to return the favor. I can throw that in my purse and be ready at all times for gift buying.

I’m off to finish my neck warmer.

One thought on “Not Sure I Can Top That

  1. I have that same beading try, and it’s a disaster. Every time I clean my beading space, I sit down to make new things, and poof… there are new beads scattered all over the place. I guess that’s just the way it was meant to be… ;)Do what your heart tells you to do. Nothing wrong with that.♥

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