I’m kind of… okay… very excited to announce that I am the featured artist of the week on the AREtsy Street Team (Arkansas Street Team) blog here. I was all giddy when it was posted this evening. You all should read it and stuff… because it’s cool! Today was day 7 in the Yarn Everyday […]

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I Accept Your Challenge

While setting up for the fair tonight, my sister so lovingly pointed out that an Etsy Street Team leader should have promotional items about the team. This was after we had met Chris Massingill and talked about how we should have promotional materials. I think the exact line was “Yeah, and you’re supposed to be […]

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Marketing and Rain

As I said in a previous post, a fellow AREtsian is handing out some AREtsy street team promo bags at Toad Suck Days. I’ve been waiting on some new business cards from to come in before I could put together some promos to send down to her. Well, the new cards are in and […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

What a romantic day today can be for so many people. Gifts are exchanged, jewelry given, candy consumed (or in the case of my Sweet and I, we had heart shaped pizza), and flowers presented. It is a great time of year to give and exchange gifts. My Etsy street team, AREtsy, did just that. […]

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Not Sure I Can Top That

My gardening post with the lovely pics of my herbs from last summer got more comments than any post I’ve had so far. I’m not sure if I can top that. Perhaps an upcoming giveaway would bring them flocking again? Stay tuned for that. I present to you a picture of my poor, neglected crafting […]

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Goodbye Old Friend

I’m not going to lie when I say I’ve been a bit discourage by my Etsy sales this month. I’ve had a trade and played along on the SNS Secrets thread last weekend, but not really any sales to sing about. I considered relisting a scarf yesterday. It had been almost a month since I […]

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Etsy One Million Challenge

Our street team, AREtsy, is putting out a Etsy Wide challenge to pool ONE MILLION pictures of their art work and items for sale. The Flickr Group can be found by clicking HERE. You don’t have to be in AREtsy or in any street team to participate – but this is a great way to […]

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My Latest Purchase

I’ve talked about AREtsy in my blog before. If you have time, you can go back and see many of the wonderful shops that make it up, if you are lazy, then I’ll give you a quick description of AREtsy. AREtsy is an Etsy Street Team for the state of Arkansas. That’s it, simple, easy, […]

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Hand Spun

One of my Christmas presents from my mom was a drop spindle and some roving so I can learn to hand spin my own yarn. While I have not anywhere near mastered the art of hand spinning… yet… I have mastered the art of shopping for roving on Etsy. My first purchase was from a […]

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