My Latest Purchase

I’ve talked about AREtsy in my blog before. If you have time, you can go back and see many of the wonderful shops that make it up, if you are lazy, then I’ll give you a quick description of AREtsy. AREtsy is an Etsy Street Team for the state of Arkansas. That’s it, simple, easy, and explanation is over. It’s made up of so many great shops that I hardly have need to purchase outside of the group when I need something fun to spin into yarn, or something fun to wear, write on, look at, etc.

My latest Etsy purchase was from a fellowing AREtsian and local NW Arkansas resident, Julie Rose. Her shop is JulieRose and she sells the most lovely wire wrapped rings. I purchased a silver colored beaded ring (because I’m a bit chicken when it comes to colorful rings) but she has so many great colors in her shop, you have to check it out. Her rings are adorned with colorful buttons and beads and can be sized to your specifications. Also, her prices cannot be beat. So go, go now, buy a ring!

In my crafting update, I’ve made 4 bracelets and for pairs of earrings this week but the sun has been playing shy and won’t come out for photo lighting. I just need to break down and purchase a light box. I hope to have new items in my shop tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “My Latest Purchase

  1. Aww, yay! I thought you’d probably get it today. Thank you so much for posting about my rings! I really hope you enjoy the ring. 🙂

  2. I bought two last month and I love them!! The blueberry one and another that is a figural brown and cream one. Thanks Julie!!

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