Moo Cards

For a few months I’ve been hearing about some little things (or not so little if you consider their popularity) called Moo Cards. They are cards printed with your pictures or artwork on one side and your contact information on the back. They are smaller than business cards and therefore more interesting (different equals good, right?). While I fell in love with them immediately, I was hesitant to purchase any as I wasn’t sure if my pictures would look good on them.

I recently upgraded to Flickr Pro as I had maxed out the amount of free pictures Flickr allowed without the Pro account. Once I had finished upgrading, I was offered something quite exciting – 10 free Moo Cards. Okay, we all know what freebies mean. They mean I’ll fall even more in love with the product once I see them with my store name all over them and I’ll turn around and spend money on an entire order. I didn’t care about that, I just cared about my freebies.

They were shipped on December 19. I waited.

And waited.

They were coming from London, so I continued to wait.

Lucky me, they came in the mail today. I love them… a lot! So now I’m off to order some more because the freebie did its job, I’m sold.

5 thoughts on “Moo Cards

  1. Ooooooooo. No wonder you fell for the reorder ploy. Your images look gorgeous on there! Those cards are nearly edible.

  2. They took that long to ship?? Oh no. I upgraded to Pro also and got an e-mail yesterday saying they’d been shipped and should be here in 5-7 days. I hope I don’t have to wait longer than that!!

  3. All right, your post gave me the final push. I was hesitating to have some printed, and now I’ll just go and try.

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