Goodbye Old Friend

I’m not going to lie when I say I’ve been a bit discourage by my Etsy sales this month. I’ve had a trade and played along on the SNS Secrets thread last weekend, but not really any sales to sing about. I considered relisting a scarf yesterday. It had been almost a month since I relisted a scarf and thought perhaps that would be a fresh change from my earrings that I’ve been posting like crazy lately. I decided against it. I’d like my listing fees to go new product, not relistings.

So I spent the day doing some knitting and watching a lot of Rome. Late last night I logged on to discover not one, but two scarves sold. One was a scarf I never thought would walk off and the other was one I’ve sold 4 of before and is quite popular. I was ecstatic. It was just what I needed to remotivate myself into spending time on my shop.

Today I took advantage of my sunny window, took pictures, and posted a handful of earrings in my shop. I’ve finally got some of the ones I’ve talked about on here but had not posted until today. Go get them while you can!

In other news, AREtsy is getting together in Conway this weekend for a meet and greet. I wanted to go but just can’t make it down there. Instead I’ll do some participating in the SNS thread tomorrow evening. I’ll have to think of a really good sale… any suggestions?

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