I Accept Your Challenge

While setting up for the fair tonight, my sister so lovingly pointed out that an Etsy Street Team leader should have promotional items about the team. This was after we had met Chris Massingill and talked about how we should have promotional materials. I think the exact line was “Yeah, and you’re supposed to be the team leader”.

That was a challenge. She might have well pull out her glove and smacked me in the face with it, because it was on.

Well, thanks to some images that Etsy provides the world on their website here.

I was able to create the simple promotional pieces you see here. One side is all about Etsy and the other side promotes shopping with artists from Arkansas on Etsy.

I’ll set them out with my business cards and hope that they will lead someone to the wonderful items AREtsy has to offer. In fact, I’ll go one step further. Shop with the Arkansas Street Team here.

3 thoughts on “I Accept Your Challenge

  1. You’re awesome! Thanks for promoting AREtsy, even in the midst of your own craft craziness. Can’t wait to hear how it went!

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