On your mark… get set…


In just about 30 minutes I shall begin my 2nd to least favorite part of the craft show hullabaloo and that is the set up process. For 6 Hands (my mom, sister and myself) that involves the following:

Wait for person with larger vehicle to come pick you up (usually my mom)
Drive to work to get the 3 tables that will make up your display area
Load those tables into the van
Get back in the van
Get stuck in Friday “getting of work early ’cause there’s a football game tomorrow” traffic
Get to the fair grounds and remember why it’s your favorite (’cause it’s beautiful)
Find the check in tent
Spend minutes upon minutes in line waiting to get your booth assignment
Go find spot #5 (yeah, we know our assignment because my sister rocks like that)
Pull out the tent and look at it for a few minutes
Spend the next hour setting up a tent that would normally take 10 minutes to set up but I live in NW Arkansas, land of many boulders just under the surface of the ground making driving stakes into the ground nothing short of impossible.

The rest of the stuff is fun. I love making the table look nice, trying to figure out where to put things and such… LOVE IT. I just hate the stuff leading up to it. Each time I do this I think “we should just pay a tent company to come set one up”, but then I price it and change my mind. I’m sure I will think that again tonight.

Tonight will be spent finishing up the last scarf before the fair start bright and early tomorrow morning. I’ll probably finish a few more over the course of the weekend because knitting in the tent somehow leads to people buying scarves. I suppose it reassures them that yes, our booth is actually all handmade.

The picture seen above was an indoor show we did last October that we will NOT be doing again this year. Not all was lost at that show, I came up with my ladder display piece. Tacky? Yes. Fun? Of course!

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