And once again, I’m one with my pictures.

A huge thanks goes out to my sister, Punkinhead and Girlchild on Etsy. She brought a lovely cabinet door to the craft show this weekend for a potential display piece. Well, it didn’t work for the show but it’s going to be FABULOUS for pictures of my jewelry on Etsy. It has a similar look to the background that I used before I moved from the house that provided that background. The best part about the door is that it is portable. I’ll be able to take it outside to a sunny spot and shoot picture after picture. Yay.

In post-craft show news, I believe it was a successful show. 6 Hands (my sister, mom and myself) did well as a group. Each one of us made about the same amount of money and had better sales than the past show. I think it gets better and better each show. We do better with our display, with our pricing, with our tent, etc etc etc. I have a very good feeling about the show in October which, if I’m counting right, is only 5 weekends away.

However, as much as I love the craft fair, I’m EXHAUSTED and am glad it’s over for a few weeks. I’m going to spend this evening unpacking, maybe listing some new items on Etsy, and waiting for my frozen pizzas to make it home from the store with my Sweet Boy.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.

6 thoughts on “And once again, I’m one with my pictures.

  1. Congrats on the show!! Glad it went well for ya! And I’m glad you will be one with your pictures again!! And also scary that October is 5 weeks away. Didn’t summer just start???

  2. Yup. I switched to that wooden box i’m using a while ago, knowing we’d be moving out of our old house and I couldn’t take the deck with me… haha…It IS nice being able to cary around a little display surface and shoot pictures wherever the light is good… yay for that!And yay for doing well at the shows! I’m doing two this fall, for soap, and I can’t wait… it’ll be the first time i’ve sold soap in person, but i’m excited. I think it’ll be fun! Whooweeee!:D

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