Marketing and Rain

As I said in a previous post, a fellow AREtsian is handing out some AREtsy street team promo bags at Toad Suck Days. I’ve been waiting on some new business cards from to come in before I could put together some promos to send down to her. Well, the new cards are in and I’m quite happy. I was kind of hoping for the same quality I found in the Moo cards, these aren’t quite the same. BUT they are very nice and perfect for what I’m doing.

Aside from the promo bags, these will be perfect for craft shows. They are unique, show off my product, and aren’t so small (like Moo cards) that they will get lost in pockets and purses. I can’t wait to start getting them in people’s hands and pointing them to my shop.

I’d like to retract what I said about weather in my last post. I’d rather have some colder days than rain drenched ones. I do understand that rain is quite important to my other passion (gardening) but I’m a bit tired of it right now. It’s just rained, rained, rained, and rained this spring. No sprinkling, pitiful rain, but RAIN. Ditches are overflowing, rivers are up, creeks are flowing where I didn’t even know creeks existed – let me tell you, it’s RAINING this spring. It is doing nice things for my herb garden. The parsley is gorgeous, the oregano stunning, catnip and mint as envasive as ever, and chives are coming up where they didn’t come up last year. I can’t wait to get the basil and other goodies into the ground.

I’m off to do a bit of swimming in the lake that is now my backyard and then off to make promo items.

3 thoughts on “Marketing and Rain

  1. I like the look of your cards. They look very personalized, and not like generic cards (which I notice, because mine look generic.) And also, yes, there is too much rain this spring. Yesterday especially was a bit overkill in the rain department.

  2. So funny you blogged about rain, because it was really raining here this morning too, but now the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in sight! Although, that could all change in a few minutes too… hehee… soon soon, the rain season will be gone and we’ll all be loving the sun again.;)P.S. I think your cards look great!!♥Janell

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