Promotional Items Finished? Check.

I worked very hard and was very focused tonight on the goal I gave myself this morning. I was to create a promo item to send off for the goody bags and to make 20 of them.

I did that. If I really wanted to, I could make 20 more, but I think I’ll stick to this. Of course, these aren’t what I sell in my shop BUT it might entice people to go to my website and since my business cards have photos of my items on them, I think I am giving potential customers a good idea of what I sell.

These are small, wire wrapped pendants with a scrabble tile as the canvas. Scrabble tiles are fairly inexpensive and are easy to work with. These things make them GREAT for promo items, freebies, or low cost items in the Etsy shop or at the craft fair booth. I’m not including a way to hang them around your neck – that would make the cost go up significantly. After all, these are going to be free, so you take what you can.

Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Promotional Items Finished? Check.

  1. Oh, these are brilliant! And so are your new bs. cards. I forgot all about the TSD giveaway thingie. Looks like I’m going to run out of time…

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