Finally Got my Hands Dirty

The picture above was my herb garden last year. Not too shabby for my first “in ground” herb garden. Recreating that this year won’t be hard as the oregano and parsley have already come back this year and are ready to be used (funny how quickly things come back to life). The mint is more like a weed so it’s already ALL over that part of my yard. All that is left is putting some seeds into the ground. I’m not in a huge hurry with the basil as I still have quite a few pesto cubes left in my freezer (last year I had a bumper crop of basil so I made what seemed like a gallon of basil pesto, put it into an ice cube tray and froze it. Viola – homemade pesto to last all winter).

I purchased some chocolate mint today at the Fayetteville Farmers market thinking that what I had last year was dead. Well, guess what? Last year’s chocolate mint was certainly not dead. Oh well, can’t have too many herbs – no matter what kind they are.

Other purchases today included some wave petunias (because I’m a sucker for instant color) some kind of daisy with a nameless accent plant to go in a pot with it, and a hosta unlike the rest of my hostas. Those are scheduled to go into the ground/pots tomorrow.

I’ve decided that I want my front porch to be inviting and have a nice sitting area on it. That will require some plants, some nicer patio furniture, and stuff to set the plants on. I’m on a budget, so it’s not going to be easy. However, I do have faith that I can make the front porch look just as nice as my backyard garden area. Wish me luck on that endeavor.

That’s it for gardening news. I shall leave you with some pictures of last year’s gardening efforts.

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