Must Focus

I looked at the calendar tonight and realized I have less than one month before my next craft fair. Oy! I think I have enough product but I’m not sure. It might be easy enough to sit down with my jewelry and my computer and make my inventory list and see where there are any holes, but I just haven’t done that yet.

Speaking of holes, how will I know what to bring. My shows last fall were mostly scarf sales due to the approaching winter months. However, jewelry is different. Do I need to take two of everything in case something sells twice? Or do I just take one and hope to sell out? If I take two then I’ll have a back up for Etsy. However, if I take two and don’t sell either, then I’m stuck with two. These aren’t easy decisions, folks.

I’ll try and distract myself from the stress of that by thinking about gardening. I purchased some potting soil tonight (yes, purchased, from Lowes. All of your organic gardeners can just get over it. I don’t use pesticides or chemicals once things are in the ground but I don’t have time to play God and make my own soil mixtures either). Had I hurried home from the store I might have had time to get some plants into pots BUT I wasn’t feeling well and I took my sweet time looking at plants I don’t need. Each year I find myself purchasing a few plants strictly for instant gratification. So what if I want instant color, I have my priorities. The veggies and herbs are grown from seed, so I’m allowed an easy out once in a while.

I recently found myself worrying over how I was going to divide up my gardening time and crafting time. So far I’ve found that both are working out quite well. The nice days are for being outside in the garden or photographing my jewelry and the rainy days are for crafting. I’m finding that I have plenty of each.

Who knew these two hands could create so much.

5 thoughts on “Must Focus

  1. I laughed as I read your post because I was having the same, “How many do I make?” quandry last night, though only with Etsy items. When I make cards, the majority of my time is spent with design. The construction comes quick once I’ve figured out where everything should be. I’m tempted to make several of each design, but then I worry about getting stuck with the extras.For your craft show, one thing you might do is pack a tackle box of supplies to bring with you to the craft fair. That way you can always turn out a few extra of the hot sellers there. And it may also attract attention for people to watch you making the same kinds of items that you’re selling.

  2. I haven’t done any shows yet this year, but last fall I sold jewelry, and what I did was leave a small handful of things in my etsy shop that way if someone came by, it wouldn’t be totally empty… with a note that inventory was low due to being at a local show.And then, I brought everything else with me. So if it sold all I had to do was delted it or relist it in my etsy shop… Take as much as you can hun, even if you don’t put it all out… that way if you sell like crazy, you’ll still have more to put out… always take more than you think you need… and have fun!:D

  3. I read about your crafting adventures with relish. (I read with relish. I don’t think you’re making crafts out of relish.) But I read about your gardening exploits with awe. I have the worst black thumb on earth. I have killed silk plants. I look at your herb photos and think, “Whoa! How is that possible! And after you’ve achieved that miracle, how could you stand to PICK at your gorgeous plants for mere cooking and human sustenance.” I can barely imagine what it would be like to browse a nursery with the same joy as an art-supply store. *sigh* You’re a goddess.

  4. Hah – I’m no Goddess, I just have good dirt :)I’ve found that where you get your seeds plays a HUGE part in gardening. I’ve found a place in MO that has some amazing seeds and it makes it easy to look like a gardening pro.

  5. *snort* yeah, she’s no goddess – she’s THE GODDESS!!! I say this only because I’ve viewed the acclaimed garden with my own mortal eyes. I think you should totally make a bracelet called Pickle Relish.Really. I’d wear it.You could then expand on the line with Chutney, Pico de Gallo, and Black Bean Salsa.

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