Twistin’ the Night Away

Those of us in Arkansas are very familiar with some very bad weather. While I’ve been safe here in my little haven in the Ozarks, towns nearby have not been so lucky. We’ve seen our share (and then some) of rain and tornadoes and it’s not even mid-April. My heart and thoughts go out to those affected by the storms.

As scary and powerful as they are, extreme storms are one of my favorite things to read about or watch. I’m in awe of the power of nature and am completely fascinated by what it can do. Of course, I never want someone to be hurt or burdened by the storms, but I can’t help being interested in them. With all of the weather I’ve been watching about and reading about this year, I thought I’d try my hand at taking the power of a spring storm and recreating it with beads and wire.

You’ve heard of art yarn… right? Yarn that has things spun into it. Some just use sparkles or sequins, some wool artists go as far as adding flowers, beads, and Barbie heads into it (yes, I’ve seen Barbie heads in yarn). I think this will be an art bracelet. I have the idea in my head and now I just need to find the supplies. Scratch supplies, I need to find one supply.

Anyone know where to find Monopoly houses that have been drilled into beads? You’ll be my best friend if you do.

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