New Fun Things

I came home after busy day at work today and a mediocre Chinese dinner to find a package from KnittyDirtyGirl (my new fave Etsy shop) in the mail today. I had worked out a trade with her a couple of weeks ago and got some made to order yarn in “Robins Egg“. I can’t get over how beautiful it is. I picked out the blue/brown combination as I don’t have much of that in my stash. It’s not colors I gravitate towards regularly, but I’m so glad I picked it this time. I cannot wait to make something cozy for my neck or hands next fall. She sent along some other crafters business cards for some shopping later tonight. She also included a couple of pinback buttons. One with her shop logo and one with a picture of some beautiful handspun yarn. Those are going right on my craft show apron.

The other new fun thing was a necklace I made. I had plans to do a knit pendant and purchased some copper chain and findings to complete the necklace with. Instead I used some super chunky beads which were listed as black turquoise, but I’m not so sure. They are pretty, none the less. The necklace came out better than I hoped. I’m quite pleased with it and plan on making a few more if the comments on the one below are good. The necklace was just one product of my quest for a variety of craft show items. Can’t make a fortune on bracelets and earrings alone.

2 thoughts on “New Fun Things

  1. well the beads look like polymer clay, but they are very pretty! I really like the thick shiny copper chain paired with them! Gorgeous necklace!… I wish I had the patiece to knit, because that yarn is gorgeous!

  2. They are stone of some kind – I know that based on how they feel and sound. They almost look like asphalt that has been tumbled and polished. Weird, but that is the best way I can explain it.:)

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