Garage Sales and Yarn

I woke up earlier than usual this morning in hopes of hitting up some garage sales in search of display items for the craft show and/or jewelry supplies. Well, my sweet decided he wanted to get up with me to have breakfast. We haven’t had breakfast on a Saturday morning together in ages – I wasn’t expecting this! Even though I did not get the earlier start on the sales, breakfast with my sweetness was worth it. Chocolate Malt-O-Meal – yummm.

Even with the later start, I did find some awesome things. An iron stand of sorts for my new necklaces, a smaller stand for bracelets, and earring display racks! I found a sale run by a lady who use to do craft shows and had things to get rid of. Aside from the display pieces, I got some clear plastic fishbowl like things (I’m sure I’ll use them for something) and a heavy wooden sign that will eventually turn into my craft fair sign. I saw many other cool items out today, but I was sticking to what I needed.

I then went to sign up as an owner at Ozark Natural Foods, bought two pepper plants, went grocery shopping and came home. It’s only 5:00 PM and I’m exhausted.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the evening making jewelry and spinning more yarn. I’ve post a couple of pictures of my first two attempts at plying some yarn. The next batch with be bright orange and eggplant.

2 thoughts on “Garage Sales and Yarn

  1. That bottom one reminds me of eggplant…one of my favorite things to eat! =)I’ve been practicing on mine too and have something that looks pretty “normal” finally! I’ll have to post pics soon.

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