I used to be the kind of person who needed the approval of others to validate what I do. If I made food, I didn’t really know if it was good unless someone told me it was. If I hung up some pictures in a way I liked, it didn’t look good until someone told […]

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For you Texas Fans…

I made this necklace, just for you Longhorn fans out there. Soon to be found in my Etsy shop. And for those of you who root for a team a bit more local to where I am, once I find supplies, you’ll have your necklace too.

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To Plan Ahead

In preparation for my move, I made quite a handful of new necklaces over the past couple of days. I figure that the next week and a half will be shot with moving and unpacking so the best thing would be to stock up so I can continue to list new items so my store […]

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They’re Here!

I have listed some of my necklaces into my shop tonight. They are brand new, never before seen in Idyll Hands’ Etsy shop. I made these for my most recent craft fair and liked them so much, I thought I’d offer them to my customers. Keep your eye on the shop as I’ll be adding […]

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The Great Unveiling

This weekend I sat down in my little creative corner of my loft and ended up with a new line of jewelry soon to be for sale in my Etsy shop. I’m finding it hard not to photograph and get up there immediately. I really want to unveil these guys at the Spanker Creek Farm […]

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New Fun Things

I came home after busy day at work today and a mediocre Chinese dinner to find a package from KnittyDirtyGirl (my new fave Etsy shop) in the mail today. I had worked out a trade with her a couple of weeks ago and got some made to order yarn in “Robins Egg“. I can’t get […]

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