Lightening Doesn’t Scare Me… from a distance

I spent close to an hour sitting on my bed and watching a lightening storm off to the south. I have the perfect window for viewing storms as it’s on the 2nd floor and no building obstruct my view of the mountains that lie to the south of my little part of the world. The lightening was incredible. The sky never went dark (even though this was after 10PM) and strike after strike reached to the ground and through the sky with long, spindly fingers – as if reaching out for me. Thankfully I was safe inside. It was truly the best hour I have spent alone in a long time. I just sat there, watching, not thinking about work or about the complications life can bring, just enjoying nature.

I’m paying for staying up late now as I’ve been exhausted all day. I needed to come home tonight to work on some paper work for a shop I’ll be featured in come next month, but I couldn’t bring myself to doing that. I promise, I will work on it tomorrow. I also have a custom item to make for the person featuring me (she’s paying me, it’s all legit). I said I could have it done this weekend, so that is something else I need to work on… tomorrow.

I did manage to list the necklace you see above tonight. I’m calling it Orbital and it can be made in the sky blue you see at the top of this post or the striking red you see below. I can also make it in brown and green. Hopefully all of you will like it as much as I do.


5 thoughts on “Lightening Doesn’t Scare Me… from a distance

  1. I was driving home right towards the storm Monday night. It was spectacular.I love the necklace! Beautiful.

  2. Oh, those necklaces are just so darn pretty! I loves looking at your work! I also love watching lightening… from a good safe distance.

  3. I love a good lightening storm. From a distance, of course! When I was a kid we’d sit out on the front porch and watch the storms roll in. It’s still one of my favorite things to do.

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