Those Ladies Are Naked

There is one thing that interests me more than crafting, gardening and cooking. I might even go as far as to say this one things interests me more than the three of those combined.


I love all kinds and even majored in it for 5 very expensive years at the University of Texas as a student of bassoon and music history. Music touches me, moves me, peaks my interest, turns me on, turns me off for that matter, angers me, inspires me, excites me, and so on. I just can’t imagine my life or the lives of others without music.

I found myself going through my iPod tonight, creating play lists, adding music, and just listening to what is on it. I discovered a lot of music that I forgot existed. My favorite band is Barenaked Ladies. Aside from their geeky, goofiness – their music is great. They have been made famous with quirky songs like “If I Had a Million Dollars” (the first and only song I will ever sing karaoke to), “One Week”, “Be My Yoko Ono” and so on – but they have a different side. Many of their songs are beautiful and really make my heart happy. I shall leave you all with a few of these and hope to add a bit of a smile to your day.

“Adrift” – Barenaked Ladies are Me
“Home” – Barenaked Ladies are Me
“Maybe You’re Right” – Barenaked Ladies are Me
“Serendipity” – Barenaked Ladies are Men (yes, not me, men – different album)
“Half a Heart” – Barenaked Ladies are Men
“War On Drugs” – Everything to Everyone
“You Will Be Waiting” – Maybe You Should Drive
“Light Up My Room” – Stunt
“Call and Answer” – Stunt

and my favorite song they’ve done “Break Your Heart” – LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Actually, I’m not sure if it’s the music or their groovy dancing (as seen in the following video) that I love so much. You be the judge.

What bands do you love that have some songs not known to the masses that are just as great as their hit singles?

3 thoughts on “Those Ladies Are Naked

  1. I’m like that with The Goo Goo Dolls and John Mayer – the songs they dont release as singles are totally different than the ones they do and are freaking amazing – I’m endlessly and hopelessly in love with them. I often have affairs with good songs and great bands 🙂

  2. I love, love BNL. The Counting Crows are another band with gems that never make it to air. I’ll have to dig out some Ladies CDs now.

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