I need to be busy

I have many things I need to be doing. I need to be stocking up on supplies for my first venture into a brick and mortar shop starting July 1, I need to be knitting scarves for the fall fairs, and I need to be tending to my garden. What would you have found me doing this evening instead? Yes, watching Ghost Hunters. It’s Wednesday, did you expect anything else?

I did package up a custom item tonight and worked on another (by working I mean communicated with the buyer about a few things), but that’s about it. Before you judge me, the other custom item I didn’t really work on tonight can’t be worked on until some beads come in that were ordered especially for that, so there. It’s just too hot in my studio to work and it’s much cooler downstairs so it’s hard to get up off of that couch.

This weekend will be different. I’ll turn the upstairs AC on and get to work. I’ve got to get some stuff for the shop done and I’ve got to do it now. So send your good “hurry up and make stuff” vibes my way so I can get many, many things done and off of my plate by Sunday night.

3 thoughts on “I need to be busy

  1. Me, too! My Wednesday evenings are reserved for GhostHunters. I did stitch a bit on a hat for Addie so I could tell myself I was multitasking.

  2. Your latest pieces are just amazing hun!!!Much love to you!! ♥Oh, and P.S….You are the winner of the Creativity and Art Award!!! Check out my blog for more details!:D

  3. Nah, I’m not sending you any “hurry up and make stuff vibes” but instead lots and lots of “take some time for yourself, regenerate, revitalize, and relax vibes”:-D – your work will still be there tommorow!

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