After many months of eyeing these retaining/retainer (not sure which it is) rings, I finally broke down and rewarded myself for not purchasing anything on Etsy for a month. I think they were well deserved. They sat on my desk for about a week until inspiration hit. I think they fit well into my shop […]

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This evening I have allowed myself to take a break from the knitting and candy/cookie making marathon that today turned out to be. By marathon I mean that I spent all day doing those things and still didn’t finish. Aren’t marathons supposed to end with finished products? I know I’ll finish the brother and nephew […]

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And these go to…

These earrings, just made tonight, go to Dancing Mooney. I found the Pay if Forward idea on her blog and therefore she gets a handmade goody from Idyll Hands. I added the spiral on the end of the wire to these and I think I’ll do that one some other earrings. I like it. I […]

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