After many months of eyeing these retaining/retainer (not sure which it is) rings, I finally broke down and rewarded myself for not purchasing anything on Etsy for a month. I think they were well deserved. They sat on my desk for about a week until inspiration hit.

I think they fit well into my shop and I’m quite happy with their outcome. Now, provided I can find a good spot to photograph my jewelry tomorrow, I’ll list them in my shop by tomorrow evening. I only have two things working against me – my camera has died and I’m using The Sweet Boy’s camera (note the learning curve) and I’ve moved away from the PERFECTLY worn window sill that I was using before.

Picture taking may never be the same.

7 thoughts on “Newbies

  1. Beautiful!! And they absolutely do fit in well with your shop. All of your work has a consistent thread woven through it that is very distinctive and has your signature.

  2. Wow – thanks again πŸ™‚ I’m really having fun with this design. I love working with wire and beads but sometimes don’t want that to be the main body of the jewelry. These necklaces allow me to branch out a bit but still stay true to my style.

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