I went off with my mom, sister, and the students staying with my mom from the Spring International program at the University of Arkansas to Terra Studios today. It’s quite the place. They were made famous and best known for their Bluebirds of Happiness (seen lounging in my window above), but they also have plenty of other goodies made by some amazing artists. There’s pottery, hand built clay items, hand blown glass, and so much more.

Even though I’ve taken every out of town visitor I’ve had out there for a shopping trip quite unique to Northwest Arkansas, I’ve never really explored what Terra Studios has to offer. They have a path that meanders through the woods on their property. Trust me when I say, you aren’t alone in those woods (see pictures).

They also have cabins for artists to rent out. The prices are incredible considering the beautiful property and location. Also, you can rent out studio space at a discount if you live there. I have never considered moving out of this house until I read that. I’ve also never left one single place more inspired to get to work on some art projects until today. Would it be possible to be inspired every day if I lived there?

7 thoughts on “Inspiring

  1. How cool! I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Terra Studios when we lived in AR but it looks like fun.

  2. You know, if you ever decide to branch out from the jewelry business… you could open up a photography shop because your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. kiln, did somebody say kiln?? Denise and I were just sayin’ that we needed a friend with a kiln!Anyway, thanks for posting about this place! I hadn’t ever heard of Terra Studios before. Knew the little bluebirds were made in NWA, but didn’t know where and didn’t know about such a gorgeous setting!

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