Piles upon piles

I feel surrounded by jewelry, chain, wire and beads this week. I’ve been doing nothing but making necklaces, earrings and knit wire bracelets since Sunday night (and yes, in that order). As far as necklaces and earrings go, I have multiples of everything in almost every color. Bracelets aren’t as simple since they really are all one of a kind. I have a few that are made from the same bead combination, but the rest are very one of a kind. I struggle a bit with the bracelets. What if one color combination is very popular and I only have one? What if none of them are a hit? What if, what if, what if? 🙂 I’m sure everything will be just fine come Saturday morning when I’m all out of time for creating and I’m setting up my booth.

Warm spring (or maybe it’s a mild summer) weather finally got here. It’s been up near 80 for the past two days. It’s odd how quickly it warmed up. I still have that herb garden to plant and I really think Sunday is the day! I’ve been doing a lot of cooking the past couple of weeks and cannot wait for fresh herbs from my front garden instead of dried ones from the store. I also can’t wait for the prime picture taking opportunities that come from having your own garden.

Speaking of garden – I’ve got some crazy hosta action going on outside. I brought in a collection of them when I moved here. I planted them all over as there weren’t any here as it was. Well, it seems there must have been but they had been hiding because this year I have a plethora of hostas all over the place. I even have one spot that has three varieties growing – not sure how that happened, I only planted on there. I won’t complain about bonus hostas, I love them so, but goodness, there are a lot.

Well, the Sweet Boy is on his way back with some fast food action (don’t judge me, sometimes fast food is in order when you need time to blog instead of cook) so I’m off to enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Piles upon piles

  1. I worry about the “what if?” issues with my bags a LOT since they are all one of a kind. I pick colors I like, I embellish the way I like, and if one’s really superb and it’s the only one… egad! But I have found that eventually someone finds one they love. Or, should I say that the bag finds the person they were made for? 🙂 You’ll do so great!

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