A mystery

It is a mystery to me why three different varieties of hostas have appeared this spring in the spot where I only transplanted one last summer. Because hostas last well into the fall months, I’m not sure why these two were not growing in that spot before I planted the new one. However, there they grow – three different varieties of hostas, happily sharing the same little spot.


The show this past weekend went very well for me so WHEW! I sold out of a couple of items which hasn’t happened at a show before (unless I only took one of that item). I’m quite excited to have a piece that does well locally and not just on Etsy. I’ve already purchased more supplies to make more for the next event I do. Actually, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do the next event. The organizers are looking at changing the date so a couple of weekends I’m just not able to sell during. That makes me very sad. I hope it doesn’t change, but we’ll see.

And last, I’ll leave you with a public service announcement – the Buffalo Wild Wings in Fayetteville, AR has some of the worst servers working on Monday evening. I’ve been there lots, and all but one other time have had good service (not great, but good). Tonight takes the cake though. Oh, and I think maybe they are turning into Hooters – the hostess had the worlds shortest shorts on, no joke. I kind of wanted to throw up when she turned around to take us to our table and her buttocks nearly fell out. At least the wings are good.

One thought on “A mystery

  1. BWW has become my favorite “where would YOU like to go” spots. Unfortunately, however, my hubby is way more particular than I am… it’s “what about BWW?” and then he’s all “I ate there last week.” or something equally as stupid… but we ate there Friday night, so I can’t complain. Oh wait, I just did.

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