Looking forward while looking back

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a musician. I’ve played piano for years upon years, the bassoon for years, and listened to it as long as I can remember (I had siblings that were all crazy for it as well when I was very young). My sister took me to the Monkees summer tour in 1986 for my first concert and that was followed by a string of Elton John concerts in Jr. High and HS as well as some Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies, Old ’97s and a few odds and ends as far as concerts go.

Lately, due to budget restrictions, I’ve had to narrow it down to Barenaked Ladies and Dave Matthews Band. Both of them equally fabulous in my book. This past year has not been a great one for either of these bands. DMB lost their saxophone player, LeRoi Moore because of an ATV accident and BNL lost one of their lead singers because I don’t know why. He had to go off on his own I suppose. Both bits of news were very sad for my musician’s soul… very sad.

This October I’ll be heading over to Tulsa for a DMB concert with my sister. It will be her first DMB concert and my 4th. It won’t be the same without LeRoi, but I’m looking forward to it all the same. They have a new album coming out June 1st and I almost peed myself when I read that earlier this evening. It sounds like it’s going to be amazing and I cannot wait (no really, I cannot wait). Usually I look forward to hearing #34 live and never got to (but always wished up on wish that they would play it live… anyone know if they ever did?) but I won’t this time – it depends to heavily on LeRoi’s saxophone – something I’ll miss terribly at this concert. Perhaps that is why this YouTube video they did for their upcoming album is bittersweet to me (and probably every other fan out there):

And the song I’m referring to above (#34) is from Under The Table and Dreaming and is featured in this video in memory of LeRoi:

4 thoughts on “Looking forward while looking back

  1. such a great song… I have wondered who will be able to fill his shoes. Or replace them – maybe they can’t be filled.

  2. I can’t be certain, but it doesn’t sound like they are going to replace him (nor did it look like it) based on that video about the new CD. We’ll have to wait until June 1 to find out.

  3. DMB has long time been one of my favorite bands, and I’ve also seen them 3 times… hehee…Can’t wait to check out their new stuff. Thanks for the link. I’ve heard a song or two from the new album on the radio, but was honestly surprised they came out with something so quickly after the passing of LeRoi. I wonder if he’s a part of it…

  4. Ah – you seemed like a DMB fan to me (we’re all quite cool and likable). I really can’t wait for June 1 – I’ve heard some of the songs done with just Dave and Tim Reynolds and they sound fabulous!

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