Garden Plans

Gardening season is well on its way to being right at our front door. Seeing pictures of the herb garden I worked so hard on at the other house makes me a bit sad. I had to leave that house though – it was going to fall in around us. Hopefully whoever is there now can enjoy what I left behind.

The one (and only) advantage to leaving my old garden was the chance to get to start a new one, with new seeds and a new layout. I do know where it is going to be, but I’m not yet sure how it will exactly flow. Yes, one herb needs to flow into the next. I have purchased the herbs that will be started from seed (very easy to do). The specialty herbs (Thai Basil, Pineapple Sage, etc) will be purchased from the local farmers market or nursery.

It’s already February 18 – it was this day a couple of years ago when I officially started my herb garden. I need to get out there, dig around in the ground and get started.

You can see my past gardening efforts in my Gardening photo stream over at Flickr.

5 thoughts on “Garden Plans

  1. I would sooooooooo love to have an herb garden someday, but I can’t figure out how not to kill things. *sigh* Maybe I’ll grow some basil in a pot or something and work my way up.

  2. Sasha, there’s no such thing as a green thumb, you just have to be persistent! Start with that basil, journal the things that you do to it, and you’ll get it 🙂

  3. Sasha – what Christina said 🙂 Parsley is also super easy to grow… so is catnip. The only herb I’ve had trouble with are chives (not sure why).

  4. Thank goodness you lost some of those annoying tree limbs in your yard so that you can get more sun, right?? 🙂

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