I keep telling myself…

I keep telling myself that spring is coming. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the snow. In fact, my coworkers couldn’t keep me in my office yesterday while it snowed. I was constantly heading up front to gaze out the window at the lovely, falling, white stuff. However, thoughts of gardening have been filling my head for a few days.

A few years ago I had an herb garden fit for television. It was gorgeous and if I were to see it on one of the Food Network shows, I would be jealous. But hey, it was my garden! No need to be jealous, I planted the seeds, I raised them, and I enjoyed the fruits of my labor. However, it’s been three years and my poor garden hasn’t looked the same since. Okay, okay – I have an excuse, NO – it’s a good excuse, as to why it’s been sad for a few years. I moved in the middle of summer 2 years ago and the plants just didn’t survive the move and last summer was a bit hectic what with the cancer situation and all. Sure, my mom, who was the one with cancer, would have argued that you can deal with a sick family member and have a garden (she was the one who hated sitting still, even when recommended by her doctor) but I chose to deal with a sick family member and sit in a comatose state the rest of the time. It’s how I dealt, gardening be darned.

But this season brings new hope for all things green (and some things purple, a good purple basil plant just warms my heart). I’ve already been stalking the gardening sites and making a list, very long list, of seeds I’ll buy. My every thought is consumed with fragrant dill blossoms, fuzzy sage leaves, and square foot upon square foot of sweet and savory basil plants. I’m already salivating at the thought of fresh pestos of all kinds. Oh yes, I said all kinds. I don’t discriminate when it comes to pesto – any herb is fair game. I’m checking, almost daily, for signs that my mint is sprouting and sun tea will once again be minty fresh instead of just Liptony good.

Yes folks, it won’t be long until you can find me up to my elbows in the soil of my front yard.

4 thoughts on “I keep telling myself…

  1. Oh yay! I hope you'll blog more about your gardening knowledge, because I am such a rookie, but living in Oregon makes it easier… everything grows so easily here, I love it!

  2. My knowledge…hmmm… good dirt… good seeds… water.:)I really want to garden more this year so hopefully having it to blog about will entice me to head outside.

  3. Oh, the lovely lush green. I hope it'll be coming very soon, although it doesn't really look like it at the moment. It's snowing again, right now. And I'm glad the Advent gift arrived, even after such a long time 🙂

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