Shiny and new… eventually

In case you haven’t yet noticed, but I do hope you have, Idyll Hands is officially on vacation. Today I collected all of the necklaces that I’m pretty sure I won’t put back in the shop and took them apart. I saved the chain and beads, and tossed gnarled wire, findings with kinks, pieces of turned metal, and broken pieces. Some of the necklaces have sat in bags for over a year because I decided long ago that I was finished with them.

Now I need to think… I need to find some creativity, reach out to the jewelry Gods and hope that they grant me grand designs. I just need to come up with something. I’ve got about 978 ideas in my head, but only want to work on a few. I want my “new” Idyll Hands to be a blend of my old style but with some new sprucing up. Oh, you remember me talking about this almost a year ago? Well, I changed it then and I can change it again. That is one of the many pleasures when it comes to running your own business. You can do whatever you want.

I did sit in front of my newly cleaned and organized work space, pliers in hand, bead boxes piled high, and eyes glazed over for about 2 hours today. It wasn’t coming to me. So instead I made marinara sauce. At least that turned out with a finished product.
I’ll try the jewelry thing again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Shiny and new… eventually

  1. Oh yum, that marinara looks fantastic! Now I think I should go and make some spaghetti… too bad my marinara is store bought!

  2. I've been slowly but surely changing my jewelry collection some too. I really love making beaded necklaces, but for some reason they just don't sell. Maybe it's because I didn't have enough of them in my shop to create enough variety, I dunno… I like the idea of the charm collection necklaces that are popular now, but it's so hard to stick to your own ideas when part of being a jewelry artist is paying attention to the trends, because not only are you an artist, but it's a business too. Good luck with finding new inspiration… I always get giddy when I get new books. Maybe that will help?;)

  3. I love the vintage inspired stuff too and do make some for local shows, but have hesitated to add it to my shop because it looks like so many other shops. Ugh – I don't know! 🙂

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