Swaps and how they lead to stress

Since stepping into the fiber community almost 2 years ago, I’ve been introduced to the thrill of organized swaps. These really are wonderful little events. A group of like minded people sign up for a swap of some kind (maybe it involves fiber arts, maybe a general craft, or some quilting supplies, or kitchen goodies), they are sent a secret partner (well, secret to the partner, not to them, obviously) and they send some goodies to that secret partner.

It sounds fun. That’s why I first joined a swap. It was a fiber swap, but not overly complicated. I just had to send a certain weight of spinning fiber to someone in my group. Easy enough, right? Wrong. I stressed over this. Swaps seem to have a history (not sure if it’s a long history) of including clever goodies to go along with the main item. Perhaps some super fancy tea from a local tea shop. Maybe someone will find some amazing chocolate at a local candy shop to send with the swap goodies. Perhaps someone is into vintage cookware, so someone sends them something quirky from a mod kitchen. And here I was just finding the perfect fiber to put in a box. I scrambled, found lots of goodies, put together what I thought was the perfect package, added some things, finally had the perfect package and sent off my first swap box swearing that it would be my last.

But that was a lie. I shouldn’t lie to myself, it creates trust issues.

I joined another swap and stressed over it. Then I decided to do another swap and guess what? Yeah, I stressed over that one too. I never seem to learn. You see, the problem is, swapping is so much fun! I get to pour my artistic, creative, fiber loving heart into a box of goodies for another fiberista, and someone does the same for me. The thought that goes into the boxes is amazing. Some swappers really stalk you (but not in a creepy way) to find out what makes you tick. They read your blog, email your friends, figure out what makes you tick and then they put it in a box and mail it off.

How could you say no to that?

I just packaged up 2 swap boxes this week. Both left me covered in angelina fiber, writhing on the floor in a pile of stress… but I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Swaps are fun!

And shall I finish with a happy thought today? My sister made me some delicious chicken and rice soup because I’ve been homebound with the sick for a few days. She brought me the soup in a bright colored piece of Tupperware today at lunch. I can’t think of anything better to cure my cold than homemade soup. I’m pretty lucky to have a sister like that within driving distance of me!

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