What goals… where?

Ahhhh, to be a cat. Lounging in the sun would be my great accomplishment of the day. Perhaps my owner would share some of her lunch meat with me? Maybe she’ll stop and give me some cuddles and pettings behind the ears. Yes, that wouldn’t be a bad day.

My goal this year has been to work smarter, not harder, with my Etsy business so I’d have more time to lounge in the sun a bit, perhaps even have time to scratch the Schmoo (seen above) behind her ears. To do this, I started off the new year with some new pieces over at IdyllHands that were a bit nicer, and therefore, a bit higher in price than my other items. I’ve sold a bit, but not a ton. I blame it on the economy – it’s foiled my plans. The addition of roving to WoolyHands has kind of taken away the working smarter part. Yes, I was smart in adding this in as I can dye wool for my own spinning pleasure AND the stuff sells a bit faster than yarn and jewelry, but dang, dyeing wool is hard work. Wait, scratch “hard”, instead insert “involved”. The interesting thing is, I’m happier being busy with this Etsy stuff than I was sitting around waiting for a $30 necklace to sell.

I’m a busy bee, what can I say?

Something else that I’ve already gone back on is my vow to myself to not do any spring shows. I was going to take spring off to rest, to gather supplies and make products for the fall shows. Weeeeelllll, I kind of enthusiastically said “yes” to doing a trunk show. I did one with this group of ladies last November and it was fabulous – I couldn’t not say “yes”. We’re planning on May, sometime, and I need to get kicking on the jewelry production… really kicking.

And I do this to myself why? Is it even worth it to set goals? I never seem to keep them. Here I go, working harder…. not smarter.

2 thoughts on “What goals… where?

  1. Sweetie, I know exactly how you feel when you say that it’s more work to do something new, but you’re enjoying being busy.. because that’s been me lately! And I LOVE IT!It really makes the slow times feel not so slow, and the crazy times feel much crazier… LOL… but it’s fun, and that’s what’s most important, isn’t it?♥

  2. Keep going, Erin. I know you’ll arrive at whatever goal you set yourself. It’s just rare that someone does that overnight 🙂 I sure don’t, for example, and it has taken me a while to get over the disappointment, but working with a goal is still the best kind of work, I think.

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