What took me so long?

If you follow my blog, then you know that it’s been over a month since I organized my crafting area to the point that I could sit down and work at my table. However, due to the unique angle that my floor is position at, I was unable to sit there without rolling backwards into my TV. I finally purchased a rug to sit my chair on yesterday and it’s amazing how a bit of carpet changes everything. I can sit and work and not roll around.

Since purchasing that rug, I have churned out three bracelets. At this rate I’ll have quite the full Etsy shop and Christmas presents done in no time. Since I made another sale (some earrings and a bracelet) last night, a full shop will be necessary. The bracelet I made tonight replaces the one that sold… in colors only. None of my bracelets are exact replacements.

My sweet boy took me shopping for my birthday tonight and aside from the frivolous purchases (CDs and a COMFY house robe) I purchased Knit and Purl edited by Erika Knight. It’s a collection of 250 stitches to knit (no knowledge of cable needles needed). I’m ready to get Christmas gifts behind me so I can start on this book! Hopefully I’ll have new stitch patterns successfully knitted to post here during the new year.

Well, off to finish one of those Christmas gifts I just mentioned.

One thought on “What took me so long?

  1. Hello Erin,just a short comment to tell you that I really like your bracelets, and that you won the advent calendar gift number 4. Just drop me a line with your address, and I will ship it right away.julia from lineanongrata

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