My Etsy Artist of the Week: Pensive Rabbit

My sister recently introduced me to a store on Etsy that has since turned into one of my favorite shops. Pensive Rabbit is fairly new at needle felting, but her items are truly beautiful and all one of a kind. If you follow my blog, then you know needle felting is something that has really peaked my interest lately, and this seller has peaked it even more.

The needle felting in her Etsy shop currently consists of pendants, bracelets and pins, but she did have the lovliest Christmas ornament before it was shipped off to someone else. I’m hoping she has more of those for next Christmas!

She also has some amazing items made from vintage buttons that can be fashioned into a number of items to suit your fancy.
And from a recent interview she did:

“How did you get into your craft? I can’t remember a time before I was drawing or making things. My Barbies always had really unique *cough* outfits! My mother wasn’t artsy but she was fearless about tackling projects around the house like refinishing furniture and upholstering the powder room. That really made an impression. It just never occurred to me not to try things. I love to experiment and I love computers. Until this past summer, I hadn’t done much for about ten years so I’m still scraping the rust off!

Where does your inspiration come from? Almost everywhere! Nature figures big. I love looking really closely at plants and animals. Just amazing! Other artists inspire and challenge me, especially the incredible talent on Etsy. Oh, and I just LOVE color. Sometimes I see a gorgeous, saturated color and wish I could swim in it.”

In short, you won’t be dissapointed with this artist- so everyone hurry over to her Etsy shop: or over to her blog to read her “Musings on Etsy, indie design and other goodies” – The Thicket

I hope you enjoy this artist as much as I do!

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