Something for myself

I managed to finish all handmade Christmas presents by mid-afternoon yesterday. I rewarded myself with these fingerless wrist warmers. The pattern was very simple and I’m pleased with them. Of course, with all first attempts at patterns, I’ve made note of things to do differently on the next pair.

I met a lady in town today to pick up a pound of skirted, unwashed fleece. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to get it washed and usable. I’m hoping to receive a drop spindle under the tree tomorrow so I can spin it into something wonderful to knit with. I’ll be updating everyone on my crafty gifts, so stay tuned.

I woke up yesterday morning with a bit of a cold (I can’t have a holiday without a cold, it’s inevitable). The cold medicines have made it a bit hard to want to finish baking and wrapping presents, but I must go on! Christmas is tomorrow and time is running out.

4 thoughts on “Something for myself

  1. Merry Christmas, Erin! Hope your cold is better and that you’re having a wonderful holiday with family and friends. I know your wrists are snuggly, warm, and well-dressed!

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