Let The Gardening Games Begin

We’ll now take a break from discussions of crafting and turn out attention to something just as tasty.

Today deserves a real post, a post with substance, not just a letter to my Etsy shop. Today (a very cold today I might add) deserves my first gardening post for the year.

Ever since college I have been interested in growing stuff. I had some peppers in pots down in Austin and when I moved to NW Arkansas, I had tomatoes, eggplant, herbs, and peppers in pots. Last year, for the first time, I moved those veggies and herbs into the ground. I think I did pretty well for a first time. My dad helped me build my bed and my sweet boy, mom, and sister cheered me on as I proudly displayed my green thumb.

I didn’t wind up with baskets full of veggies, but I did end up with a good crop (and found that my accidental potato growing skills are quite impressive). Gardening season started again for me today. I went over to my forum haunt from last year, www.idigmygarden.com. I found someone trading some seeds and will be getting the following:
Thai pink egg tomato
rainbow chard
purple calabash tomato

I’m super excited about the tomatoes (pictured at right in order of listing), ready to try my hand at some chard, and am hopeful that I can attempt a normal looking fennel. Of course these won’t be going into the ground anytime soon, BUT I can line them up on my dining room table and dream of a spectacular garden.

Soon, I tell myself, soon.

2 thoughts on “Let The Gardening Games Begin

  1. I found you through Lineanongrata. That tomato looks like it will be a fun one to grow, and eat! I always try to do a couple of different heirloom tomatoes each year. Some of my favorites are the ugliest ones.

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