A Good Ending

Today was a good ending to the work week. (note – work is my 8 – 5 job, not my jewelry making endeavors) It’s been a heck of a work week. There have been multiple party time events, multiple event type events, plenty of stress/heartache/a few tears, and the potential for change. Yes, a busy busy week.

I didn’t get as much jewelry made as I wanted to, but I finished a few earrings, my most favorite bracelet thus far (see at right) and started a washcloth. I don’t really use washcloths, okay, I never use washcloths. However, the cotton yarn was colorful and it’s a good way to practice some new stitching as far as knitting goes. So yeah, a washcloth is in the works. I suppose I did more crafting than I thought a few minutes ago.

Anywho, back to the end of the week part. I had big plans tonight to work on the AREtsy blog (I’ll post the address when there is actually something to look at), make another bracelet or two and to finish that washcloth. Instead I watched 2 episodes of 30 minutes meals (both new to me), some Cops, some other TruTV shows (formerly knowns as Court TV), What Not To Wear, and then Dress to Kill on DVD. It wasn’t a productive night, but it was a relaxing evening.

I lazily came up stairs to check the internet world out. I saw that I had one email, one little email, obviously not one single person loves me, no one. I opened up that little, lonely email to find that a bracelet sold. WOOHOO. I like that. That one little email was a bit larger than small I suppose. My sales have been surprising me like that. They come when I least expect them to. Perhaps I should pretend I will never make another sale, imagine what would come of that!

Anyways, tonight was a good ending to a long and exhausting week. Tomorrow I’ll start anew and craft away… after Jazzercise and Movin’ Out at Walton Arts Center.


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