Wolly Goodness!

Goodness is right! I’ve recently drained my beloved PayPal account on some wool batts from Hobbledehoy. I couldn’t control myself. I’ve purchased a few things from her in the past and was instantly hooked. She announces her shop updates on her blog and those announcements have been the end of me.

Her colors are gorgeous and many of her batts have a bit of sparkle carded in for fun. I’ve just started spinning up a bonus batt I received from her with my first order. It’s a deep purple blended with some camel down and is just LOVELY. I’ve been wanting a dark, but not black, neck warmer for next year and this yarn just might end up being made into just such a thing.

I need to be making bracelets before I start spinning this wool into yarn but it’s going to be hard to control the urge. I have to remind myself, “the bracelets will make me money at the show in May… yarn is just for fun.”

Speaking of shows, I’ve found out about another one here in NW Arkansas that might have a low booth fee and absolutely NO commercial items. I’ve requested more information from the organizers and will post some info if it sounds worth it.

6 thoughts on “Wolly Goodness!

  1. Oh wow – when I finally get around to learning to spin (like I need another craft to be distracted by?!), I will have to keep that shop in mind. Beautiful!

  2. Haha – fried pickle.Go check out Lee Ann’s post on her blog about fried artichokes and you’ll see my comment about pickles. 🙂

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