I blame Hobbledehoy

During the holiday season of 2007, I noticed a shop on Etsy selling the most BEAUTIFUL bits of wool. That was the first time I laid eyes on the batts that Hobbledehoy creates. I didn’t spin yet but wanted to learn, so I asked for a drop spindle for Christmas. In January I purchased Drunken […]

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Blue Jean Baby

While watching some football this evening, I decided to work on predrafting some wool. Well, actually not having to predraft as much as I do to spin. I worked on a lovely skein today (spun from a couple of Hobbledehoy batts), seen here, and while I’m completely in love with it (my best thus far) […]

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Saturday Rambling

I got some goodies in the mail today! In fact, finding the oversized package from one of my favorite Etsy artists made me skip (yes, skipped) back to my house from the mail box. Inside of the package I found 2 new batts, a beautiful skein of yarn, and some bonus goodies. I *heart* Hobbledehoy. […]

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Wolly Goodness!

Goodness is right! I’ve recently drained my beloved PayPal account on some wool batts from Hobbledehoy. I couldn’t control myself. I’ve purchased a few things from her in the past and was instantly hooked. She announces her shop updates on her blog and those announcements have been the end of me. Her colors are gorgeous […]

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Movies tonight business tomorrow

Tonight was spent napping through Good Eats (something was wrong, I never sleep through Good Eats) and then eating take out Chinese food while watching Empire Strikes Back. Not a bit of crafting was accomplished and you know, it felt okay. I did packaged up the bracelet that was given away on Subu’s blog this […]

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