Movies tonight business tomorrow

Tonight was spent napping through Good Eats (something was wrong, I never sleep through Good Eats) and then eating take out Chinese food while watching Empire Strikes Back. Not a bit of crafting was accomplished and you know, it felt okay. I did packaged up the bracelet that was given away on Subu’s blog this week. It’s off to a new home.

Tomorrow will be spent working on Etsy things, craft show things and some hand spun yarn. I have some delicious wool on its way to me from Hobbledehoy but still have some delicious wool from a previous purchase that needs spinning. My first batch of plied yarn (see above) wasn’t completely horrible. Actually, I like it a lot. It has some parts that are too thick for me but I was learning and I think I know what to do next time to not have those. I absolutely love the colors (my favorite part about it). I bought the roving from Twisted Purl and she’s also helped me out a lot via internet on spinning. I’ve been known to ask her a few questions every now and then and even if she can’t see me in person messing up my yarn, she always tries to answer my questions and I usually come out on the other side with something a bit better than before. She spins as well and her yarn is amazing!

Perhaps I’ll get some pictures of the wool I have tomorrow and post. A bit of before and after never hurt anyone.

One thought on “Movies tonight business tomorrow

  1. Yay for movie nights! Good for you for taking a break. So uncharacteristic. 🙂 I must have been utilizing your mojo, I got a bag done, four in all today!

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