Saturday Rambling

I got some goodies in the mail today! In fact, finding the oversized package from one of my favorite Etsy artists made me skip (yes, skipped) back to my house from the mail box. Inside of the package I found 2 new batts, a beautiful skein of yarn, and some bonus goodies.

I *heart* Hobbledehoy.

I’ve finally photographed all of my new necklaces and will be able to post the rest of them over the next couple of weeks in my Etsy shop. Go check them out – you know you want one. You might ask me why I have been using antiqued brass on most of my necklaces. Well, it looks the best in my opinion, but I’m not so in love with it that I couldn’t make any of my necklaces in other colors. If you want something in silver or copper, let me know and I’ll happily make it.

Now that I’ve given you two good things to write about, I do have a gripe. I went to the store today to do my big shopping trip of the month (this trip includes canned goods, boxed goods, cleaning supplies, etc). I get to the check out, load up the belt by grouping things in order of what make sense to bag together, and then I put my reusable bags at the end of the register. This just confused the checker. My gripe is that we’re encouraged to use these bags and even the big ol’ super center that occupies many intersections in my town sells them, but it’s sooooo hard to use them. I often have to bag my own stuff. Okay, this is fine, but can I get some savings for that? Any one remember the concept of Sac-n-save (or whatever it was called).

Any tips on using these eco-friendly, super adorable reusable bags? And speaking of market bags – go check out Punkinheads bags (seen at left). They are great for going grocery shopping.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Rambling

  1. Evidently, there’s quite a learning curve. My friend Polly said her organization gave all of its many hundreds of employees these cool grocery bags that clip onto your buggy. The company also supplied an explanation of how the bags worked to save time and make things easier for the checker and bagger, as well as making things easier on the environment. The problem was that no one at the local markets had ever seen bags like these, and it was a huge hassle to demonstrate and explain to a new checker every week.It seems like it shouldn’t be that hard. They learned to say “paper or plastic.” Seems like they could learn to say, “our bags or yours?”

  2. What are the resuable bags you’re talking about? Often times I just bring back the plastic bags I have in my recycling and reuse them. I used to have some cotton mesh like netted bags, but they stretched alot and just didn’t hold up well with heavy loads.

  3. I often bag my own things but I think that’s left over from having lived in other countries where the checkers *never* bag your groceries and aren’t expected to.

  4. To answer Albina Rose – I use a collection of fabric bags and some of those green bag ones (I think they are Green Bag). Shouldn’t be any different than paper or plastic. And I’ve thought about using my old plastic bags, but I’m hoping to make a statement with my fabric ones.And to comment on Ambika – I’m fine with bagging if the store was set up for that. Some make it easy as they is plenty of room for groceries to sit while I bag, but some stores have all made is super easy to toss you items into plastic bags and there is not a place to set the groceries while I get down there to bag them. I’ll keep on – I refuse to use the plastic ones anymore.

  5. I’m convinced that it’s been enough years since the cashiers have had to use paper bags in most stores that they only know how to use the plastic ones hooked to the little metal hook apparatus on their counters. So far I have only had friendly responses to using my recycled fabric bags (thanks for the plug for my shop!) But I’m sure at some point I’ll get some ugly looks. 🙂

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