Being Lazy

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I haven’t crafted or created in days. I really need to. I’m having symptoms of withdrawal. I want to sit down and make some jewelry, but I have so much already! I want to sit down and knit, but for some reason, I haven’t been patient enough for it. I really want to go out and get my hands dirty in the yard, but I’ve been too tired.

All has not been lost. I did participate in the AREtsy Street Team chat last night. It was a great chat. Much was talking about and a lot of beers, penguins, hearts, and any other item Etsy deems worthy to make an icon for were flung around the virtual “meeting” room. There is an AREtsy website (other than the blog) in the works, talk of having items at a craft fair in Washington, ideas for promoting more, and so on. I’m excited about what the summer holds for our team and look forward to being a part of it. Oh, and I’m a bit of a geek and volunteered to help lead the group. I just can’t be a part of something, I have to help lead it. I’ve always been that way. So under the wonderful guidance of our founding leader, TheTwistedPurl, we’re moving full steam ahead and getting our team members out there.

I do have plans this weekend to get some stuff done. I will finish the scarf that I’ve been working on since October so I can start another one. I’m a bit tired of looking at the same yarn. I’m going to stick mostly to acrylic yarns for the craft shows. It’s more affordable and craft show attendees seem to like it. I’ll save my fancy, wool yarns for me, for gifts, and for my Etsy shop. Heck, maybe I’ll even start a new scarf and finish that. Then I’ll have 2 new scarves to add to my fall show stash.

Okay, I’m motivated now, I’m off to do some promo item searching on Etsy. My favorite items are found above. from BauerDesigns. I’ve bought them a few times and send them out with orders. I need to do something like that but with my shop name.

4 thoughts on “Being Lazy

  1. So strange, it’s like there is something floating in the air. I feel the same way you do about wanting to knit or paint or spin yarn, but yet I sit down to do it and can’t. Hum….hope whatever it is leaves the state soon!

  2. I get like that too… I want to make a journal or a necklace or something… but I have a zillion of em laying around. Hope your slump gets better!! Keep crafting, your work is too fab to break from it for too long πŸ™‚

  3. awww, that’s not laziness. That’s just your creative side needing a little break… Even the down time has purpose.

  4. Everybody goes through these “layoffs”. Sometimes all it takes is a birthday or anniversary to roll around to get me in the mood to make a gift. Then I go hunting for ideas. This week I’m knitting crazy socks with the brilliant yarn and buttons I found online. Thanks so much Leslie.

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