Blue Jean Baby

While watching some football this evening, I decided to work on predrafting some wool. Well, actually not having to predraft as much as I do to spin. I worked on a lovely skein today (spun from a couple of Hobbledehoy batts), seen here, and while I’m completely in love with it (my best thus far) it took me more than half of the UT vs. OU game. Okay, let me break that down: the spinning took not long at all, the predrafting took FOREVER. I took some “extra” batts that were sent to me with some orders earlier this year to work on the drafting.

I can’t say that it was any better, I’ll just keep working on it, but I can say that I ended up with something even more beautiful than I imagined when I started out. I just used two batts from Hobbledehoy that kind of matched (no blacks, lots of colors, and both had brown = matching). They were some freebie extras that she included in various orders. After spinning them up and plying them with some white thread (note to self – get clear thread next time you’re out), I fell in love. This was the perfect yarn for a cowl or hat to wear with your favorite blue jeans. Hense the name “Blue Jean Baby”. I’m really pleased with how spinning is turning out.

While still on my high from my yarn, I found a message that I had been featured in a blog. Designs by Vanessa (over at Etsy) featured my Autumn Splendor bracelet on her blog. It’s a great blog and the post does get you in the mood for fall. I am truly thankful for all of the artists on Etsy that choose to feature other shops. It really shows the team and community that can be found on Etsy. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Blue Jean Baby

  1. Oh my, that is gorgeous. Yup, would be perfect with your favorite jeans!! I’m knitter and wannabe crocheter, but I do have to say that yarn is always my favorite when it is still a skein. I always love my knitted items… but I just want to hug a lovely skein forever.

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