That was me in grade 5 baby…

Okay, perhaps the original song is about grade 9, but by grade 9 I had left neon pink behind. I spun up my 3rd skein of yarn on my wheel tonight and it reminded me of one thing and one thing only, many of the outfits I sported in 5th grade.

Okay, before you laugh at me, admit it, if you are between the ages of 25 and 30, you most likely wore some neon pink back in the day. If you are shaking your head, you’re a liar.

The colorful bit of yarn is from Cloudlover and is called Changeling. I loved it as a single but it had too many thin bits for me to use it as it was. So I dug up some hot pink wool (inspired by a jar of jelly beans sitting on my desk – seen at left) and spun that up pretty thin and plied the two together. I LOVE this skein. I love it more than the other two I’ve done. As I look at it, I think “Self, this is something you’d see for sale somewhere”. That makes me feel good.

I’m happy.

I’m not only happy because of the yarn but because I’ve been give the opportunity to join in on a local trunk show at the beginning of November. NightSkyProducts, a local Etsian, invited people to partake in a trunk show and I jumped at the chance. Once I have more details after this weekend, I’ll post them. Finally, doing something away from Etsy and away from HUGE craft shows. It’s a new step for me.

3 thoughts on “That was me in grade 5 baby…

  1. Oh yeah! United Colors Of Benetton still holds a dear place in my heart for the florescent pink and green shirt I had of theirs!

  2. OMG that skein is totally my life as an elementary school kid! I had these two sweatshirts that were purple & neon pink tie-dye variations, well I am pretty sure I wore them almost every day!Plus I would tell my bFF to wear hers too. lol I bet that wil look awesome as a scarf or hat!

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