If you notice that parts of your home smell a bit like a dead animal, chances are, there is a dead animal somewhere in your home. I noticed a funk yesterday when I got home from my sisters. My first thought was something in the kitchen had gone bad. After a small search (it’s a small kitchen) I came up with no source of the funk. Again, today at lunch, I smelled the funk. The sweet boy said he threw away some turkey that had expired. Lunch meat can easily have a funk if it goes bad, so perhaps that was it. I walked in after work tonight and still, the funk was there.

After some deep sniffing, I decided only one thing can produce this funk, dead animal. I went straight to the basement in hopes that if there was dead animal, that dead animal was not in the main part of the house. It didn’t take me long until I jumped out of my skin at the sight of a very large, recently dead, raccoon. It also didn’t take long for a phone call to the sweet boy ended with “call the landlord, I don’t do dead raccoons”. I refuse to call the landlord about a dead animal. I will call him about the fact there was an animal in the house, but the dead animal was my problem.

Thankfully, I’m a girl with garden tools so off I went to open the garage/basement door, find my shovel and garden rake and go back to get the raccoon. I attempted to scoop him up which kind of creeped me out because he was soft but hard at the same time. Ugh, dead animal. I finally scooped him up with the help of the garden rake and carried him back towards the door. OH, wouldn’t it figure. The garage door swung shut. I’d have to put this nasty thing down and open this door again. That was 15 seconds longer than I wanted to be dealing with dead raccoon.

I finally got him outside, carried him across the alley and put him in the back yard of the empty house behind us. I covered him up with some leaves. He’ll decompose and make some good fertilizer… but not in my basement.

Now to go call the landlord and complain.

8 thoughts on “Funk

  1. ugh, that doesn’t sound like an appetizing smell. Brave girl to have got him out yourself.

  2. HAH! Awesome. Jonathan killed a mouse in our garden with a pitchfork and carried it to the vacant lot next door with a rake.

  3. Ahhh I totally had a dead raccoon in my basement too about 2 years ago! It burrowed under my back deck and somehow into my basement. That is a smell that just can not compare with any other! You are braver than I though – there was no way I was going anywhere near that thing!

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